How do you grow the best nuclear regulator in the world?

Safety culture

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At the CNSC, safety is the first priority at every level and in every regulatory decision.

International cooperation

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The CNSC shares its regulatory best practices, knowledge and experience with other regulators through peer review missions, international arrangements and technical working groups.

Strong leadership

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The CNSC is a well-managed organization that values respect, integrity, service, excellence, responsibility and safety.

Engaged employees

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Survey results show that 89% of CNSC employees take pride in their work and believe in the CNSC’s vision of being the world’s best nuclear regulator.

Trained experts

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At the CNSC, 83% of employees occupying mid- and senior-level positions have degrees in nuclear engineering, chemistry, physics, environmental, and radiation science fields.

Fresh ideas

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The CNSC brings new talent every year: summer students and co-op terms represent almost half of annual hires.

Field expertise

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Active inspectors: 114


  • Nuclear security: 17
  • Environment and laboratory: 29
  • Radiation protection: 18
  • Compliance and licensing: 231

Continuous development

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Employees spend an average of 13 days pursuing personal and professional development activities.  The average annual investment per employee is $3,036.

Bottom title

Expertise matters

  • 13% have a PhD
  • 42% have a bachelor’s degree
  • 28% have a master’s degree

Diversity matters

  • 29 languages spoken
  • 2.5% Indigenous people
  • 3.1% persons with disabilities
  • 17.8% visible minorities
  • 48% women

With the best people

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How do you grow the best nuclear regulator in the world?

In striving to be the best nuclear regulator in the world, the CNSC relies on its people – they are the most important assets. Using 2014–15 data collected from the Human Resources Directorate, this infographic outlines the key human components that help define our organization. Take a look.

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