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Subscribe to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's (CNSC) website by email and RSS.

Email subscription

Sign up and receive email notifications whenever the website is updated.

News and updates from the CNSC to your email address include information about:

  • Commission meeting notices and agendas
  • Commission hearing documents
  • recent Commission decisions
  • CNSC news releases
  • regulatory document comment periods and updates
  • CNSC presentations
  • CNSC website updates

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RSS feed subscription to the CNSC's homepage updates

The following feed is available to keep you up to date about all of the CNSC's homepage postings:

CNSC latest news: Web Feeds

How do I subscribe to an RRS feed?

  1. Download an RSS reader
  2. Subscribe by cutting and pasting the URL above into the appropriate field of your RSS reader.

Details are given about each of the website postings referenced in the news feed including:

  • the time and date of publishing
  • the title
  • a brief summary
  • a link to CNSC's website update

Frequently asked questions about RSS

Q1: What is an RSS feed?


RSS, or really simple syndication, is a tool used to send or receive information or news updates from multiple websites.

An RSS feed is the website's way of alerting subscribers that it has been updated. It “feeds” subscribers the latest website updates.

People use RSS to keep a trail of new items from the CNSC's website and view the updates when it is convenient to them.

Q2: How do people use RSS? What do you need to subscribe?


You must use an RSS reader if you want to use RSS feeds. When you find an RSS feed for a site that you like, you subscribe to that site's feed in order to get the updates.

It's usually as simple as copying and pasting the feed address into the "Add a feed" screen in your RSS reader.

Many sites that offer RSS feeds also provide simple instructions or btns to add their feed to your reader.

Q3: What is an RSS reader?


RSS readers are online programs that aggregate updates from the websites you have subscribed to, and provide quick links so you can click to see the new or updated Web pages.

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